Review on Archie’s



So this blog post is going to be a review on a milkshake and dessert shop called Archie’s which I visited recently. Archie’s is a popular place to go if you live in Manchester so I thought it would be best to give a review on it for those of you who are thinking about going in the foreseeable future!


To begin with I would like to talk about the staff at Archie’s. Wherever I go to eat/drink, I always comment on the staff. I think a restaurants staff are a reflection of what they are and what they are selling or at least they should be. When someone chooses to eat in at a restaurant they are not only eating in for the food they are there for the atmosphere and the overall experience. I believe the staff are the ones who can make a person’s experience go from ok to excellent. My first impression with the staff is they were incredibly untrained.  My boyfriend ordered a oreolicious milkshake with some peri fries and I ordered a plain vanilla milkshake – which I think was a first for them because I must have spent about 5 minutes explaining I didn’t want any chocolate on my milkshake. I also ordered some peri fries. There wasn’t much of a queue behind me but the lady on the till was definitely in a rush to get the orders finished and she ended up messing our orders up. She left out one set of peri fries. So when we got to our table the first set of peri fries came out and we had to explain it to the waiter that we ordered another set and then were told she didn’t put it on the order. Which may I add was not my fault. I’m not saying it was hers directly either as she may have just not heard us correctly. So from then on their was lots of us being told to go to the till to us sitting down to us getting back up again. It ruined my first experience with Archie’s. I’d heard so many good things about this place so I was really disappointed with my own experience and with how untrained all of the staff that we interacted with that night. At one point when we were told to go to the till for the second time – by the time we got back to our seats the first set of peri fries which hadn’t actually been eaten were thrown away. Which resulted in even more confused staff members who although seemed like lovely people had no clue what they were doing, and if they did they just didn’t show it. In the end everything was sorted but I just felt stomached up from all the mistakes etc. so out of 5 I would probably rate the staff a 3, I’m giving them a 3 because I’m hoping that it was just an off night for them all.


So next I’m going to just talk about the overall atmosphere I felt at Archie’s. If you love pink you’re going to love Archie’s. Vibrant pink errrrrrthing. It had a classic American milkshake shop theme ,  It made me think of what one would look like in the 1960s from the booths to the lightening, as you walk in you can see the prep area and in there you can see all the types of sweets chocolate etc. that can be added to your milkshake displayed on the walls, there’s also a downstairs and an upstairs dining area so there is plenty of space ,you have the option to eat in or take out depending on your preference.


There’s two floors in this restaurant, it isn’t a large establishment but apparently they had made several refurbishments to this shop by adding more space etc. which I’m guessing makes it a more comfortable environment. There wasn’t any music on when we were there but I think it would have made the atmosphere slightly more enjoyable and relaxed if there was. I don’t think there really is too much to say about the atmosphere as I was as interested in that and more in “when are they going to sort my food situation out”…. I would probably rate the atmosphere a 3 out of 5. I believe the staff could have made this three into at least a four! I also do think having music would have helped with this score too. One last improvement which I was super confused about was how there was no forks anywhere  , then again they probably keep these in the kitchen but by the time I had thought about it I was kind of tired of asking the staff for things!


So although there was lots of mix ups with our food, once we eventually got our fries and shakes I was impressed. First off you get a substantial amount of peri fries especially for the price you pay. I think they were about £1.85 or close to that anyway. I didn’t take a picture of the fries but I loved how they were presented, again I feel like they stuck to their theme which is impressive. I got a vanilla milkshake which was of course gorgeous. There was just no way could I finish the shake, I drank about half of mine before feeling completely stuffed! Overall I would rate the food 4 out of 5. The only reason the food got a 4 and not 5 is just the amount of peri salt which was added to the chips. They weren’t spicy just super salty!


So lastly I just wanted to write about the location of Archie’s. Archie’s is located at 72 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5NH. I’d previously never been but the neon pink of the restaurant is quiet easy to spot so we didn’t have any trouble locating it. One downfall of its location is there is just about nowhere to park. We drove around for 30 minutes in circles trying to find a parking space. We were just about to head home when a parking space finally freed up. We were slightly nervous about parking where we had as we both felt like the area wasn’t the safest. I’m not entirely sure if there are other carparks etc. near Archie’s but I was in crutches at the time so we didn’t want to end up parking a 20 minute walk from the restaurant , as with crutches It would have taken me a lot longer than 20 minutes!


So my overall opinion on Archie’s is they sell amazing food and desserts but just put your patient pants on when you go as the staff although lovely aren’t 5* I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave a comment about your experiences with Archie’s I’d love to hear them!




Lots of love x



Review on slug & lettuce spinningfield 


So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I attended a new menu launch and a cocktail masterclass at Slug & Lettuce Spinningfield! If you don’t follow me on Instagram the link should be at the bottom of this page.

My week has been super hectic so I’m so excited that I finally get to tell you all about the event!

My day didn’t exactly go as I had planned. First off I got completely lost. Which happens just about every. Single. Time. I go to the city. I set off quiet early to beat traffic, it was possibly the best decision of the day to have done this. I got so lost and nearly turned back to go home because I just had no clue where I was going and my sat nav wasn’t much help either.

Once I finally arrived I was created by two lovely ladies. I was the first to arrive and they were so welcoming. I felt at ease straight away, which is what I was nervous about as I was coming to an event where I knew no one. But all of the staff immediately made me feel comfortable – being offered a class of prosecco the moment I got in may have helped too. If I had to rate the staff out of 5, I would definitely rate them 5/5. As I have mentioned in my previous posts I honestly believe that the staff of a restaurant are a reflection of the restaurant itself so it was a really important part of the night that the staff were giving out a positive vibe.

Before last week I had never been to the slug and lettuce – even though there is quite a few within the Manchester area. The atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed. I was here for a cocktail masterclass but I also think it would be suitable if you just wanted to go for a lunch and some drinks with your parents, maybe for a meeting etc. they also have an outdoor seating area which would be perfect on a summer’s day.
So the cocktail masterclass lasted about 45 to 55 minutes and was led by a staff member called Ruth. Who was lovely! She taught us how to make two cocktails. A mojito and a cosmo. I’d never made a cocktail before this as I’m not a major drinker but it was so much fun and I would definitely do another masterclass in the future. After the masterclass finished one of the managers directed us to another seating area with better lighten as we were all complaining about how the beautiful pink sign behind us was ruining our selfie time!

I knew that it was the launch of their new menu and I expected some samples of course but the slug & lettuce Spinningfield were more than generous when it came to their menu launch. I did a post not too long ago about finding somewhere that does macaroons. Well I found it. I’m also vegetarian and slightly lean towards being vegan at times so I also was not expecting a wide selection for vegetarians. I was so impressed with all of the veggie and vegan options available here! Honestly I’ve been day dreaming about their jalapeño poppers…

I also wanted to talk about the location – I’m not a native of Manchester and I had to ask directions on two occasions to get from Manchester Piccadilly bus station to the arndale. Which is a two minute walk may I add. I found it really hard to find but that may have to do with the fact I have no idea how to use sat navs. The slug & Lettuce is also situated by a beautiful picturesque canal. Pictures to follow! For those of you who drive there is also an indoor car park right across from the entrance to the bar and another one about 5 minutes’ drive away.

So I don’t want to make this review too long but to conclude with I just want to say that this post was in no way sponsored by the slug and lettuce spinningfields but is my own personal opinion on the restaurant and bar! I enjoyed my time here and loved meeting all of the other bloggers who were so welcoming! I would definitely this place if your in Manchester and want to go somewhere that isn’t directly in the city centre so it’s not overbearing and loud etc. but somewhere with picturesque views and an amazing menu.

I really hope you all enjoyed my post and I’d love to hear some recommendations for bars/restaurants in the Manchester area.

Lots of love x

The Sarah Ashcroft interview with cosmopolitan 

No room for new bloggers? Push over Ashcroft I’m coming through.

 I’m quiet an opinionated person and I can come across as judgemental without realising it but when an interview between Sarah Ashcroft and cosmopolitan came up on my timeline it really erkked me.

I know that when an interview has taken place sometimes the interviewer can put emphasis on certain things that the person being interviewed may say , making what they have said sound worse than how it should have come across. So I don’t usually read into what someone may say in an interview but I felt this was a very honest and slightly negative interview on Sarah’s part. I only found out about Sarah’s existence when a blogger I really admire went to a party In her dedication , before that I’d never heard of her.

I reread the interview about three times , I’m a new blogger I’m doing it not to be sponsored by a company but because I love to write. Books have always been an escape for me and I found a similar escape in writing blog posts. Do I hope to be sponsored one day , I think it would be cool but 100% not my aim with this blog. Do I hope to be internet famous. What really is internet famous , thousands of followers and people watching your every internet move? I’d rather my privacy. What I want is to blog and to help others in anyway possible through my posts , I’d like to see where my blog goes and whether or not I get a huge following on my posts I want it to be because people feel like they can relate to me and because they like what I post , I want to always be reachable by those who follow me. So when I read “If I’m being completely honest , I don’t think there’s any space for more bloggers in the industry – everyone is one of these days. It’s ridiculous.” As I have said I only heard of Sarah Ashcroft last week , but if I was a loyal follower. Who had been following Sarah from the beginning and looked up to her as role model and as someone I wished not to imitate but to be as successful as and use as my inspiration to get where I would like to be, then this interview would have been soul crushing. I’m going to translate what she said into how it came across to me. “I’m a fashion blogger me , only me. You can’t be me , don’t try it. Wanna be a blogger? Well don’t try there’s no room for anymore because I’m already here. Ok. Bye.” She basically said that right?…..
Now I don’t exactly dislike Sarah Ashcroft I think in a way a lot of the stuff she had said was her honest opinion , which I feel should be respected. She gives an insight into what blogging is like behind closed doors. “The blogging world is quite fake, because you’re essentially in competition with each other no one ever admits it , but you’re all going for the same jobs – so I don’t trust a lot of people.” Most bloggers wouldn’t admit to this let alone say it in an interview , but there is some truth in this even if you are the nicest person in this world you have to work hard for everything you get. As much as you may be happy for another blogger getting an amazing contract with a company or being approached by a agency looking to work with them. There may be a slight twinge of jealousy as to why this company or agency didn’t approach you.

Have you ever opened up your instagram and wondered how all of these beautiful insta bloggers can afford a brand new outfit 7 days a week? She let us in on there little secret. “ I used to buy clothes and wear them for the photographs and take them back” cheeky but GENIUS. I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to do this and also I’d probably go without food before I had to return brand new clothes…..

When I first read this interview yes I was annoyed , but after rereading it I think I have some respect for her now. she’s brutally honest as am I, which can come across in a negative way. Yes she said there’s no room for new bloggers but that’s her opinion, my opinion on the other hand is you can never have too much of anything. If you want to blog don’t listen to anyone else just do it. If you feel like blogging is something you would enjoy or something that may help you to express yourself or further your career please do not feel disheartened by already famous bloggers telling you that you can’t do it. Prove people like Sarah Ashcroft wrong (I have to add she calls herself a blogger but she hasn’t blogged in about 6 months…)

To end with. If you want to do something , even if there’s the smallest niggle in the back of your brain do it.

Lots of love x

Things to do in Dublin

Hello everyone! So todays post is going to be about things you can do in Dublin. I’m originally from Galway in Ireland but I’m living in Manchester at the moment! Even though I am from Ireland, I didn’t spend very much time in Dublin unless I was getting a boat or a plane somewhere.

So when I did go to Dublin with my boyfriend everything I did there was new to me, I was honestly a tourist in my own country! I do like to keep all my posts short and to the point so I don’t end on waffling and you guys can just get any information that may be useful to you all quiet quickly!

First off we stayed at the Maldron Hotel Pearse Street – I would highly recommend this hotel, not only was it not expensive, the staff were so helpful and the area it was in was nice and close to several cafes. It’s also a 15 to 20 minute walk to just about anywhere!

Things to do in Dublin.The Guinness factory. My personal favourite! Everyone always seemed to come here when they go to Dublin so I knew I had to come. I expected to be there for 2 hours at most but we ended up being there for about 4 hour’s maybe more! First off the building is incredible the work that most have went in to it does not get the recognition that it truly deserves. When you get in and get your tickets you are then directed towards an escalator which brings you to the second floor which is the starting point for the tour etc. They also have a shop on this floor. I thought there was going to be a small stand or something in the corner but there is two floors filled with merchandise, you can even get stuff engraved! I don’t want to ruin the experience and tell you guys everything but prepare for some spoilers through pictures.

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Dublin zoo. I remember going to this zoo when I was younger and it was as incredible back then as it is now, my boyfriend just about fell in love with it. It’s a must if you go to Dublin! The zoo is situated in Phoenix Park. We spent about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours just walking about this park. It’s a stunning area. Incredibly picturesque.

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The leprechaun museum. If there’s one thing that people always and I mean always associate with Irish people is leprechauns. When I found out that there is actually a museum about leprechauns in Dublin I was so intrigued! It took about an hour maybe more so it’s not going to be something to fill your whole day up. You can get a ticket to just have a walk around or you can purchase a ticket for a guided tour, where the person leading the tour will also tell stories about ancient Irish folklore. I’d definitely recommend the guided tour. It was so interesting! It was also cool to speak to the other people in the tour who came from all around the world for a weekend in Dublin!

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This isn’t exactly something everyone would be interested in but when we went to Dublin we walked along the bank of the river liffey – It was beautiful. If you’re into scenic views I would definitely recommend hopping over there and just sitting on one of the benches and watching the sun go down.


Next is shopping. We went to all the big shopping centres in Dublin and my favourite was Jervis – if you’re from Manchester it kind of reminded me of the Arndale. It has all the shops you would need River Island, top shop, forever 21 and it even has a little Tesco! There’s also plenty of places to eat here. They have a pizza parlour which I of course loved and sweet stands that sold cakes and macaroons etc. I didn’t eat in any of these places as I was saving space for supermacs , I basically boycotted every other food restaurant etc. as the only place I wanted to eat in Ireland was supermacs!!! The parking for this shopping centre was really good , it was situated no more than 5 minutes from the shopping centre and I’m not entirely sure on how much it cost us on parking but it did have a cap for spending which was like 14 EUROS. Ps. If your into makeup they also have a really good inglot stand in the main hall. I think I spent about 1 to 2 hours here. It was amazing.


Sorry if you wanted recommendations for places to go out etc. but we wanted to do more touristy things than party! But I really hope this list helps you in some way and if you are planning trip to Dublin or have already been I’d love to hear about your experience!

Lots of love x

My journey to confidence

This year has been a really important year for me. I took a gap year and deferred my place at university because I wanted to not only make sure I was prepared going into university but I also wanted a year to do me and not have to worry about exams or results. I started to think that maybe it was a bad idea at one point. That was until I really started to think about what I have actually accomplished this year and how I have grown as a person.

Four years ago I moved to the UK. At the time I remember crying because I didn’t want to move even though I wasn’t necessarily happy in Ireland I didn’t like the thought of leaving and moving to a new country. Before I moved here I was a completely different person I was only 15 but in the past 4 years I have grown into someone I can be truly proud of. Most people are shy when they are younger but I took this to a whole new level, I hated going shopping because it meant I would have to talk to the cashier, I hated doing anything that involved me talking to someone I didn’t know and even people I had known since primary school the thought of speaking to some of them scared me. I was so insecure and had 0 confidence I hated my skin my body my face who I was everything so I hid myself away and kept my head in my books where I truly felt happy in my younger days. Books to me were like an escape no matter what was going on in your life a good book could change everything at least for the time being.

I was always so scared that people were judging me, I constantly felt that when I was in public I had to act a certain way. When I moved here I had no idea how to do makeup I remember only ever wearing foundation and sometimes mascara and I wore black eyeliner. It was awful. I was also convinced that I would only  be happy if I had a good body because I didn’t think I had a very good face so I thought having a good body would make up for it.

The above is just a little brief on me and how I used to be before I really started my journey of confidence.

My mind-set has changed a great deal in the past couple of years. I had a really destructive mind-set in my younger days and I think it took several different things together to really help me. This blog post isn’t telling you all how to be confident but just to share with you my journey! So one thing that really helped me was finally embracing who I am. You only get one body one face one life and what’s the point in feeling upset because you don’t have a face or body like Michelle keegan? It’s just a waste of time. A lot of people including me at one point thought that you had to have been born with an incredible body to have one. Now I know that these people aren’t lucky but hardworking. This was kind of like a stepping stone for me not just about me working hard to get the body I want but also working hard for everything that I want in this life.

I understand I can’t please everyone with what I write but I want to write the truth and be completely honest with everyone about the steps I went on that helped me to achieve the mind-set I now have. And one of those things is makeup, it can be a powerful thing and can change someone’s confidence drastically. I fell in love with makeup about 3 years ago and never looked back. For a period of my life makeup became my armour, I didn’t feel like anyone was ever judging me when I had makeup on and if they were it was because they were hating on me because they could never get their eyebrows as fleeky as I could. I felt like the most confident version of me (at the time) when I wore makeup. This can be seen as a good and a bad thing because I wore it that much that I didn’t feel like me if I didn’t have makeup on , which is never a good thing. I was so scared that people would judge me once they saw what I really looked like without makeup. So although discovering makeup was a great thing for my confidence I still needed something to make me feel confident without makeup.


Then came my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and I know a woman should never have to rely on a man to make them feel confident but my boyfriend has made me feel more confident than I have in my whole life. I think he was the push I really needed to help me feel confident in my own body. When you’re as unconfident as I was having someone who not only loves you but loves your face your body you’re everything is a major confidence boost. I did mention that I started to wear makeup all the time and I really meant this like at least 6 to 7 days a week. He has made me feel as confident without it as I do with it. Now I’m not saying you all need a guy to feel confident it was just a part of my personal journey.

Another thing that I feel helped me was when I realised that caring about other people’s opinions stops you from being great. It holds you back because you’re scared other people won’t approve. This stops you from not only being confident in all of your actions but you can also miss out on some incredible opportunities. When you realise that not everyone in this world wants to see you succeed and be the incredible human being you were born to be that is when you will truly begin your journey to confidence. 

My journey has been a long one and it hasn’t finished yet , every day I notice myself becoming more and more confident about myself and everything I do and it truly amazes me. If you ever feel like you can’t do something or you can’t ever be like someone you admire just try to remember that we really do only get one life. One chance to do everything and be who we want to be you don’t want to be remembered as that person who was so scared of failing and having people laugh that they never did anything extraordinary in their life do you?

I have previously wrote a post about writing a bucket list and I think this can also be a really good way of gaining confidence within yourself. Once you start to accomplish the things you write down in your bucket list you can start to see that the world is your oyster and if you really put your mind to something you can do anything.

In this post I wanted to talk about my journey to becoming the confident person I am today – I do want to tell you all though that I still have days where I don’t feel confident and that is why it is a journey. I’m not 100 percent confident in myself and everything I do but I am on the way to this and it feels really good. It was an extremely long and slow process for me to become the confident person I am today but if I can do it anyone can!

I hope you all liked this post please comment and share if you did!

Lots of love x

My skincare routine

Hi guys!

I thought I would share my skincare routine with you all, I know everyone has different skin and what works for one may not work for another.

First off I make sure to take all of my makeup off. I have really sensitive skin and extremely sensitive eyes. So if I have worn a lot of eye makeup I will first dab some Vaseline on my eyes and eyelashes. I’ll then use a wet cotton pad and clean off the Vaseline gently. I find this works best for me as an eye makeup remover as it doesn’t irritate my skin and does not feel harsh. It usually removes all of my eye makeup in one go including eyeliner. I then pour a small amount of garnier skin active micellar cleansing water and take my makeup off with this. I started using garnier micellar water about 2 months ago and swear by it! Nothing I have ever used takes my makeup off as quick as this. This product also makes my skin feel so clean and fresh which I love. I’ve even started using this micellar water during the day when I feel like my skin just needs a freshen up.

After I have taken all of my makeup off I then cleanse, tone and moisturise. To cleanse I use the kaeso range. I use the calming collection as I have sensitive skin. I feel like the kaeso range deserves a post dedicated to it and not just mentioned within the post. I started using kaeso products about a year ago. I used to get a facial once a month until a beauty therapist working there told me about the range they use and how she uses it at home. Since purchasing this cleansing range I haven’t needed to have a facial every month! I have very red and irritated skin and kaeso calming range did exactly what it said it would. First off I start by applying the cleanser using freshly washed hands all over my face. I then pour some water on some cotton pads and wipe off the cleanser. After this I pour some of the toner from the calming kaeso range on to a cotton pad and just dab it all over my face. I let this dry in for a minute or so before using my moisturiser which again is from the kaeso calming collection.

All of the above is what I do pretty much every night but I also use some other skin care products approximately 3 times a week. I had very persistent acne a couple of years ago until I started using a product called “Duac” it changed my skin completed and my blemishes are pretty much non-existent at the moment.  I still use Duac at least twice a week to keep my skin at bay and if a new blemish appears I’ll use it that night. I use this after I have done all of the above and my moisturiser has dried in.

I did mention I have super sensitive eyes. So there are a lot of eye creams I can’t use because they swell my eyes out. The list is long! Once I found the kaeso range I started using their eye gel too! I know I’m only 19 but the bags under my eyes are insane (I had a job for 2 years where I woke at 5am Every. Single. Day.) So I use this about 3 times a week because I don’t want to apply it to my eyes too much as they can get reactions to things quiet easily. But once again I swear by this! I also use this at the end of my skincare routine once everything has dried in.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and not go into major depth but if you have any questions make sure to drop a comment or send me an email!

Lots of love x

My journey to becoming a vegetarian

When you hear someone is a vegetarian you automatically think; animal lover, But it’s not always the case especially with me. Although one of the reasons as to why I am a vegetarian is because I don’t understand the point in killing animals for food, when being a vegetarian is so much easier and healthier and no one dies in the process. But my main reason for being a vegetarian is simply because I don’t like meat ,  I don’t like the smell of it ,  I don’t like the taste of it, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

I remember when I first started to realise I was vegetarian I was still in primary school and I remember only eating around the meat in the sandwiches my mum would make me and only eating the crackers and cheese in those little lunch sets. I was only about 11 so I had no idea what a vegetarian was and what the difference was. I just knew I wasn’t a fan of meat.

When I told my parents that I wanted to be a vegetarian they were having none of it. they thought I was going to end up super unhealthy and just starve to death. So they said no. so I became a secret vegetarian but they soon caught on to this and started making me eat meat in my dinners because they thought they were doing the right thing. Finally my aunt convinced them it was just a phase and they let me be. Clearly wasn’t a phase because here I am 8 years later.

Even after this I didn’t automatically become a perfect vegetarian it took me a while before I realised that all companies have to list whether or not there foods are vegetarian, I had no idea that meat was put into sweets, some types of ice creams and biscuits etc. I just thought if it didn’t have meat bits then it was of course vegetarian. I also thought it was okay to have my food cooked with other meat products as long as when it was cooked I removed the chicken or bacon or whatever it was. I was 12 and with no one in my family a vegetarian I had no idea about the first thing about being a vegetarian.

After I realised that all products either say they are suitable for vegetarians or have a vegetarian symbol on them, I wouldn’t eat anything unless it was 100 percent vegetarian which was hard for my mum who was used to cooking for all meat eaters and we do have a big family. I also then started to make sure that all of my food was not only cooked separate to everyone else’s meaty foods but that there was no way even the smell of meat would land in my food. I was slightly anaemic at one point but this was before I started to research about being a vegetarian and foods that were high in iron etc.

People become vegetarian for so many different reasons. some for the animals and some for their own health. Substituting vegetarian options and incorporating more veg into your diet is so much better than eating a cheese burger. I thought I would just share with everyone why I am a vegetarian because I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any other posts where someone became a vegetarian not purely because they love animals.

I do try and keep my posts short! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and please follow me and like this post if you enjoyed it! If you would like to hear more about my vegetarian lifestyle and some recipes that I use that are super quick and simple let me know. Thank you for reading!
Lots of love x