Review on Archie’s



So this blog post is going to be a review on a milkshake and dessert shop called Archie’s which I visited recently. Archie’s is a popular place to go if you live in Manchester so I thought it would be best to give a review on it for those of you who are thinking about going in the foreseeable future!


To begin with I would like to talk about the staff at Archie’s. Wherever I go to eat/drink, I always comment on the staff. I think a restaurants staff are a reflection of what they are and what they are selling or at least they should be. When someone chooses to eat in at a restaurant they are not only eating in for the food they are there for the atmosphere and the overall experience. I believe the staff are the ones who can make a person’s experience go from ok to excellent. My first impression with the staff is they were incredibly untrained.  My boyfriend ordered a oreolicious milkshake with some peri fries and I ordered a plain vanilla milkshake – which I think was a first for them because I must have spent about 5 minutes explaining I didn’t want any chocolate on my milkshake. I also ordered some peri fries. There wasn’t much of a queue behind me but the lady on the till was definitely in a rush to get the orders finished and she ended up messing our orders up. She left out one set of peri fries. So when we got to our table the first set of peri fries came out and we had to explain it to the waiter that we ordered another set and then were told she didn’t put it on the order. Which may I add was not my fault. I’m not saying it was hers directly either as she may have just not heard us correctly. So from then on their was lots of us being told to go to the till to us sitting down to us getting back up again. It ruined my first experience with Archie’s. I’d heard so many good things about this place so I was really disappointed with my own experience and with how untrained all of the staff that we interacted with that night. At one point when we were told to go to the till for the second time – by the time we got back to our seats the first set of peri fries which hadn’t actually been eaten were thrown away. Which resulted in even more confused staff members who although seemed like lovely people had no clue what they were doing, and if they did they just didn’t show it. In the end everything was sorted but I just felt stomached up from all the mistakes etc. so out of 5 I would probably rate the staff a 3, I’m giving them a 3 because I’m hoping that it was just an off night for them all.


So next I’m going to just talk about the overall atmosphere I felt at Archie’s. If you love pink you’re going to love Archie’s. Vibrant pink errrrrrthing. It had a classic American milkshake shop theme ,  It made me think of what one would look like in the 1960s from the booths to the lightening, as you walk in you can see the prep area and in there you can see all the types of sweets chocolate etc. that can be added to your milkshake displayed on the walls, there’s also a downstairs and an upstairs dining area so there is plenty of space ,you have the option to eat in or take out depending on your preference.


There’s two floors in this restaurant, it isn’t a large establishment but apparently they had made several refurbishments to this shop by adding more space etc. which I’m guessing makes it a more comfortable environment. There wasn’t any music on when we were there but I think it would have made the atmosphere slightly more enjoyable and relaxed if there was. I don’t think there really is too much to say about the atmosphere as I was as interested in that and more in “when are they going to sort my food situation out”…. I would probably rate the atmosphere a 3 out of 5. I believe the staff could have made this three into at least a four! I also do think having music would have helped with this score too. One last improvement which I was super confused about was how there was no forks anywhere  , then again they probably keep these in the kitchen but by the time I had thought about it I was kind of tired of asking the staff for things!


So although there was lots of mix ups with our food, once we eventually got our fries and shakes I was impressed. First off you get a substantial amount of peri fries especially for the price you pay. I think they were about £1.85 or close to that anyway. I didn’t take a picture of the fries but I loved how they were presented, again I feel like they stuck to their theme which is impressive. I got a vanilla milkshake which was of course gorgeous. There was just no way could I finish the shake, I drank about half of mine before feeling completely stuffed! Overall I would rate the food 4 out of 5. The only reason the food got a 4 and not 5 is just the amount of peri salt which was added to the chips. They weren’t spicy just super salty!


So lastly I just wanted to write about the location of Archie’s. Archie’s is located at 72 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5NH. I’d previously never been but the neon pink of the restaurant is quiet easy to spot so we didn’t have any trouble locating it. One downfall of its location is there is just about nowhere to park. We drove around for 30 minutes in circles trying to find a parking space. We were just about to head home when a parking space finally freed up. We were slightly nervous about parking where we had as we both felt like the area wasn’t the safest. I’m not entirely sure if there are other carparks etc. near Archie’s but I was in crutches at the time so we didn’t want to end up parking a 20 minute walk from the restaurant , as with crutches It would have taken me a lot longer than 20 minutes!


So my overall opinion on Archie’s is they sell amazing food and desserts but just put your patient pants on when you go as the staff although lovely aren’t 5* I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave a comment about your experiences with Archie’s I’d love to hear them!




Lots of love x



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