The Sarah Ashcroft interview with cosmopolitan 

No room for new bloggers? Push over Ashcroft I’m coming through.

 I’m quiet an opinionated person and I can come across as judgemental without realising it but when an interview between Sarah Ashcroft and cosmopolitan came up on my timeline it really erkked me.

I know that when an interview has taken place sometimes the interviewer can put emphasis on certain things that the person being interviewed may say , making what they have said sound worse than how it should have come across. So I don’t usually read into what someone may say in an interview but I felt this was a very honest and slightly negative interview on Sarah’s part. I only found out about Sarah’s existence when a blogger I really admire went to a party In her dedication , before that I’d never heard of her.

I reread the interview about three times , I’m a new blogger I’m doing it not to be sponsored by a company but because I love to write. Books have always been an escape for me and I found a similar escape in writing blog posts. Do I hope to be sponsored one day , I think it would be cool but 100% not my aim with this blog. Do I hope to be internet famous. What really is internet famous , thousands of followers and people watching your every internet move? I’d rather my privacy. What I want is to blog and to help others in anyway possible through my posts , I’d like to see where my blog goes and whether or not I get a huge following on my posts I want it to be because people feel like they can relate to me and because they like what I post , I want to always be reachable by those who follow me. So when I read “If I’m being completely honest , I don’t think there’s any space for more bloggers in the industry – everyone is one of these days. It’s ridiculous.” As I have said I only heard of Sarah Ashcroft last week , but if I was a loyal follower. Who had been following Sarah from the beginning and looked up to her as role model and as someone I wished not to imitate but to be as successful as and use as my inspiration to get where I would like to be, then this interview would have been soul crushing. I’m going to translate what she said into how it came across to me. “I’m a fashion blogger me , only me. You can’t be me , don’t try it. Wanna be a blogger? Well don’t try there’s no room for anymore because I’m already here. Ok. Bye.” She basically said that right?…..
Now I don’t exactly dislike Sarah Ashcroft I think in a way a lot of the stuff she had said was her honest opinion , which I feel should be respected. She gives an insight into what blogging is like behind closed doors. “The blogging world is quite fake, because you’re essentially in competition with each other no one ever admits it , but you’re all going for the same jobs – so I don’t trust a lot of people.” Most bloggers wouldn’t admit to this let alone say it in an interview , but there is some truth in this even if you are the nicest person in this world you have to work hard for everything you get. As much as you may be happy for another blogger getting an amazing contract with a company or being approached by a agency looking to work with them. There may be a slight twinge of jealousy as to why this company or agency didn’t approach you.

Have you ever opened up your instagram and wondered how all of these beautiful insta bloggers can afford a brand new outfit 7 days a week? She let us in on there little secret. “ I used to buy clothes and wear them for the photographs and take them back” cheeky but GENIUS. I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to do this and also I’d probably go without food before I had to return brand new clothes…..

When I first read this interview yes I was annoyed , but after rereading it I think I have some respect for her now. she’s brutally honest as am I, which can come across in a negative way. Yes she said there’s no room for new bloggers but that’s her opinion, my opinion on the other hand is you can never have too much of anything. If you want to blog don’t listen to anyone else just do it. If you feel like blogging is something you would enjoy or something that may help you to express yourself or further your career please do not feel disheartened by already famous bloggers telling you that you can’t do it. Prove people like Sarah Ashcroft wrong (I have to add she calls herself a blogger but she hasn’t blogged in about 6 months…)

To end with. If you want to do something , even if there’s the smallest niggle in the back of your brain do it.

Lots of love x


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