Things to do in Dublin

Hello everyone! So todays post is going to be about things you can do in Dublin. I’m originally from Galway in Ireland but I’m living in Manchester at the moment! Even though I am from Ireland, I didn’t spend very much time in Dublin unless I was getting a boat or a plane somewhere.

So when I did go to Dublin with my boyfriend everything I did there was new to me, I was honestly a tourist in my own country! I do like to keep all my posts short and to the point so I don’t end on waffling and you guys can just get any information that may be useful to you all quiet quickly!

First off we stayed at the Maldron Hotel Pearse Street – I would highly recommend this hotel, not only was it not expensive, the staff were so helpful and the area it was in was nice and close to several cafes. It’s also a 15 to 20 minute walk to just about anywhere!

Things to do in Dublin.The Guinness factory. My personal favourite! Everyone always seemed to come here when they go to Dublin so I knew I had to come. I expected to be there for 2 hours at most but we ended up being there for about 4 hour’s maybe more! First off the building is incredible the work that most have went in to it does not get the recognition that it truly deserves. When you get in and get your tickets you are then directed towards an escalator which brings you to the second floor which is the starting point for the tour etc. They also have a shop on this floor. I thought there was going to be a small stand or something in the corner but there is two floors filled with merchandise, you can even get stuff engraved! I don’t want to ruin the experience and tell you guys everything but prepare for some spoilers through pictures.

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Dublin zoo. I remember going to this zoo when I was younger and it was as incredible back then as it is now, my boyfriend just about fell in love with it. It’s a must if you go to Dublin! The zoo is situated in Phoenix Park. We spent about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours just walking about this park. It’s a stunning area. Incredibly picturesque.

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The leprechaun museum. If there’s one thing that people always and I mean always associate with Irish people is leprechauns. When I found out that there is actually a museum about leprechauns in Dublin I was so intrigued! It took about an hour maybe more so it’s not going to be something to fill your whole day up. You can get a ticket to just have a walk around or you can purchase a ticket for a guided tour, where the person leading the tour will also tell stories about ancient Irish folklore. I’d definitely recommend the guided tour. It was so interesting! It was also cool to speak to the other people in the tour who came from all around the world for a weekend in Dublin!

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This isn’t exactly something everyone would be interested in but when we went to Dublin we walked along the bank of the river liffey – It was beautiful. If you’re into scenic views I would definitely recommend hopping over there and just sitting on one of the benches and watching the sun go down.


Next is shopping. We went to all the big shopping centres in Dublin and my favourite was Jervis – if you’re from Manchester it kind of reminded me of the Arndale. It has all the shops you would need River Island, top shop, forever 21 and it even has a little Tesco! There’s also plenty of places to eat here. They have a pizza parlour which I of course loved and sweet stands that sold cakes and macaroons etc. I didn’t eat in any of these places as I was saving space for supermacs , I basically boycotted every other food restaurant etc. as the only place I wanted to eat in Ireland was supermacs!!! The parking for this shopping centre was really good , it was situated no more than 5 minutes from the shopping centre and I’m not entirely sure on how much it cost us on parking but it did have a cap for spending which was like 14 EUROS. Ps. If your into makeup they also have a really good inglot stand in the main hall. I think I spent about 1 to 2 hours here. It was amazing.


Sorry if you wanted recommendations for places to go out etc. but we wanted to do more touristy things than party! But I really hope this list helps you in some way and if you are planning trip to Dublin or have already been I’d love to hear about your experience!

Lots of love x


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