Primark Haul

primark haulI’ve been hearing only good things about Primark’s makeup recently and I love to try new things so I decided to find out for myself if they are worth buying and give you guys a short review on everything I got.

2 packs of false nails – I didn’t actually take pictures of these on but they look so so good on! Before my new job I used to get my nails done once a month. I loved it I didn’t feel like me without them. I’ve never been a fan of the idea of false stick on nails because I thought they’d just fall off halfway through the day. But EVERYONE has been raving about Primark’s nails recently so I thought I’d give them a try. I bought two packs and put the first pair one which were beige and in a coffin shape. They looked pretty much exactly like how I used to have them except a little bit plastic looking. Out from that they looked fab! The glue was super good and the nails lasted me about a week. I didn’t think to take a picture with these and decided I’d just take a picture when I put the other nails on. The others were more pinkie and a pointed shape. The glue was a different colour to the other glue I’d used this one was a pink colour. The first nail came off in the first half hour or so and they were all off by the next day.  But the nails do look super cute. I’d recommend using a different nail glue than the one you get in the package just to be on the safe side. Primark do sell some nail glue separately which is meant to be a lot better.

1 foundation – so I decided to buy this because a lot of people were speaking about how it is a dupe for estee lauder which is approx. £31 and Primark’s foundation is £3-5. First off they don’t have a lot colours to choose from there’s about 4 maybe 5 shades. I bought one of the lightest shades because I’m so pale it’s embarrassing. I first tried this out on my sister who is also pale and it looked really good on her just super barely there pale , I wouldn’t say it’s a dupe for estee lauder but I thought it was a lot better than a lot of drugstore products I’ve used. I used it on myself also before I went to meet a friend. It looked good on just super pale and it was hard to darken up with bronzer. What I love about my mac foundation is that it’s weightless whereas this Primark foundation felt so so heavy on my face. My overall view is that it is definitely a backup foundation in case you run out of your fav but I don’t think it’s going to make it into my top 5 anytime soon.

1 pack of cotton pads – I only use cotton pads to remove my makeup and to cleanse as I think it’s a lot more hygienic than using a towel. So when I saw some of Primark’s own brand  I thought I should buy them to include in this review. They cost 50p but the quality is so poor. Once you pour the tiniest bit of water on them the cotton pad almost disappears.

1 acrylic lipstick holder – It cost about £1.50. I’ve seen these lipstick holders sell on amazon for a lot more than this and there such good quality! I got the pack with 12 spaces. I’d definitely recommend this.

1 pack of aloe Vera nose strips – I love facemasks and nose strips so I thought I’d pick some up to see what there like. I used my first one yesterday and wouldn’t recommend. If I use nose strips I only use biore as I think they are effective. The nose strips from Primark were so painful to get off I had to scrub my nose for about 5 minutes to get the remaining bits off my nose.

Overall I would recommend going to Primark to have a cheap yet big haul. I think they have something for everyone and there makeup just seems to be improving more and more.

Lots of love x


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