Buying fake makeup online & why you should just purchase dupes!


Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Smashbox, Tarte, Too Faced, Mac and Benefit these are some of the top high street brands in the world. If you are a makeup lover you will know that the quality that these products offer does not come cheap.

 Estee lauder double wear foundation is approximately £31 a bottle. If you wear makeup every day you could end up paying this once a month, which would add to up £372 a year just on your foundation. This can be a hefty amount of money for someone who cannot afford it but still loves makeup. Some people just go for a cheaper alternative, because there are so many dupes out there at the moment! But some people want the high street brand for a much cheaper price. This is where fakes come in.

Scrolling through your Facebook or eBay in 2017 there is fake makeup everywhere. People advertising Kylie Jenner lip kits ($29) for £6 pound each and a mac haul for £20 pound when you can’t even purchase a mac foundation for £20. But people still buy. Even though these products are clearly not real. Some people might just think that it’s a cheaper alternative just in the same packaging, 10 out of 10 times it’s not. People do not understand the dangers associated with buying fake makeup.

So with this post I’m just going to inform you guys on the dangers of using fake makeup and buying makeup off eBay and amazon and also my own experience with this. The people who sell fake makeup only care about their sales. They don’t care what they put into their products as long as it looks like the real deal and it sells.

So firstly I’m going to tell you all about my own experiences with fake makeup, there’s two.

Heard of Anastasia Beverley hills? Well I swear by their brow pomade. So when I heard a salon owner near my house was selling it I was intrigued. She was telling everyone she buys them in bulk off Anastasia Beverley hills website and she gets a salon discount or some other lie. So I got my sister to buy me one to see what the whole buzz was  about, as she was quickly selling out as soon as she got the stock back in. Anastasia Beverley hills brow pomade is about £15 and she was selling for £5. One tip for you guys if it’s too good to be true it is.

So I tried it. For someone who has not used Anastasia’s products they could be fooled but for someone like me who has never swayed in 2 years. I could tell straight away, it was nowhere near water proof. A lot more gooey than Anastasia is. Also the colour is not prominent. When I do my brows with Anastasia you can’t tell when I have overdrawn my eyebrows because it doesn’t show up, whereas with this it’s fine on the eyebrows but it’s a different colour once it touches your skin. So you can’t use this brow pomade to get the “perfect shape” if you don’t already have it. I also do not have to purchase my pomade very often. I get it every 6 to 8 months then it begins to dry out. Whereas this product dried out within the first month. Your takeaway from this should be – spend the extra 10 pound and get a product that is high quality and lasts about 6 to 8 months and not a month after purchase.

Although I didn’t have a bad reaction to this product I wasn’t so lucky with the next product I purchased. This product probably wouldn’t be under the fake makeup headline but falsely advertised on eBay would work. So I am currently in this makeup Facebook group and people mentioned glitters they had purchased on eBay and amazon that were super cheap but looked amazing on. I asked for the link and ordered one glitter just to see how it was. I guess with this product it’s a hit or miss. This person obviously got what she paid for and the product looked like the picture. Once I had ordered I waited about 2 months for mine to actually come. The first glitter got lost in the post so they sent me another and it came a week later. It did not look like anything as it did in the picture. It was also supposed to come with glue which it didn’t. I know what you’re thinking, alarm bells should have went off but I didn’t think clearly about it. I was in the middle of doing my makeup when it came so I decided to try it and used my own glue. Within seconds of it being on my vision went blurry and my eyes were already swollen – they looked awful I used my micellar water to clean it all of and my lids were completely swollen and so was underneath my eyes. There was no way it was any other of my products. I should have been smarter and not even put it near my eyes but I was in a rush. I couldn’t put makeup on me for a couple of days after as my eyes were far too sensitive and swollen. The product looked nothing like its picture or description and was over packed. It looked like craft glitter that you use in primary school during arts and crafts. What you should take away from this,  Buy glitter from a reputable distributor. If you feel glitter is too expensive for your budget, there are cheaper alternatives to expensive glitter. One example being Nyx glitters.

Now that I have told you all about my own personal experiences, I’m going to tell you all of the cons of buying fake makeup and why you should just go for a dupe product that is cheaper but also has no harmful chemicals.  After my whole glitter burning my eyelids incident. I wanted to start researching buying fake products just because before this I wasn’t really aware of the dangers that come with trying to get that high street brand for a less than drugstore price.

 Once I started researching the side effects I was really thrown back. There isn’t really that much heat on buying fake makeup. I mean I haven’t ever seen a magazine article on the risks associated until I thoroughly researched into this. people need to know what ingredients are in the makeup they are buying and the side effects that are associated with buying knock offs.

Lip products                      Lip infections, busted lips and swollen lips.

Example. A woman bought a Kylie lip kit off a fake kylie cosmetics site , this woman thought she was purchasing from the kylie cosmetics website. She tweeted the celeb with a picture of her lips stuck together. After these incidents kylie repeatedly  told her customers that her company kylie cosmetics is the only supplier of kylie lip products and if you want the genuine thing go to her and no one else. Gasoline has been found in some knock off lip products.

I read an article in cosmopolitan’s magazine about the dangers of fake makeup and some of the ingredients made me shudder at the thought. Urine and E.coli have been found within counterfeit products. These can lead to infections and rashes on the parts of your body that these products have been used on. One bacteria that has been found and identified in fake cosmetics is E. coli. E. coli can cause severe diarrhea, as well as kidney failure and anemia. Some of the E. coli strains can also cause urinary tract infections. It is spread through fecal matter and people not washing their hands after having a bowel movement.

Daily mail also did an article on counterfeit makeup products and they told there readers that some counterfeit makeup have up to 19 times the legal limit of lead in them. If someone uses these products after some time this can develop into lead poisoning. As a result of lead poisoning you could suffer with memory loss, joint and muscle pain and headaches. Pregnant women who use these products are also putting themselves at risk of miscarriage or premature birth due to a result of lead poisoning.

You also should remember that the people who are making these products are chemists and most likely haven’t been to university for anything to do with this so they have no idea what they are really doing and do not really have to think about what they are going to be putting into their products. You should also think about where they might be making their products. urine and rat droppings have been found within counterfeit makeup and for this to happen the conditions in which they are made are clearly below any standard , they will have no need to think about quality control or hygiene.

Another ingredient which has been found within counterfeit makeup is arsenic, this is a toxic elements that can cause abdominal pain, shock and even death. Mercury has also been found in counterfeit makeup, even though it is naturally in the earth’s crust, it is highly toxic and it can harm the heart, kidneys, immune system, lungs, and brain. It can also cause skin rashes, muscle weakness, headaches, and insomnia. In eye makeup, it can permanently damage your vision.

One last tip is to not rely on reviews unless you know the person reviewing as anyone can write a review including the person who sells them






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    1. Hello! Thank you so much! I’m so glad this post has helped you! So many people don’t know the dangers. Your comment meant so much x


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