Pros and Cons of social media

pro and cons ss

2017 is part of the era of social media. Every year social media expands through something new. There is a social media site for everything. Some examples include Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, linkdeln, twitter and hundreds more.

Do you remember when you were young and you were told you could be anything you wanted to be? Well thanks to social media that is possible for more people now than it ever has been. When I say this I don’t mean go catfish someone. I just mean it’s a ground for you to express who you are. Sometimes it is so much easier to do this online than it is in person. You can delete a post on Facebook whereas if you say something in person it’s a lot harder to go back on it.

Social media is all about connecting with other people and expressing yourself through the posts you share, your likes and the pictures you share. With social media you can be anything you want. You can show off you because everyone likes to do that now and again right.


Connecting with people is also a top reason why social media is so important in this day and age. This can be with family, friends, work colleagues and even friends of friends.  Social media also allows people to advertise their products to potential clients. It has helped so many businesses to reach international customers and to advertise their products with more of an ease. I plan to do a blog post on how social media can help small companies in the near future so if you’re interested stay tuned!

The main reason why I wanted to do this blog post was to talk about how it can affect someone’s confidence particularly through Instagram. We’ve all been in the position where we casually scroll through Instagram and stop to look at a picture of someone you may deem prettier and just overall more attractive. For me it was those Instagram famous women who seemed to spend all of their days eating fresh fruit and wearing a bikini.  I could sit here and tell you to embrace your inner beauty and that we are all beautiful in our own way but you probably wouldn’t believe me.  These beautiful women seem to get an endless amount of likes and this can sometimes make people feel insecure because they may be unsure as to why they can never reach a number of likes that could even compare to them this kind of thing can trigger questions like is it because she’s prettier or skinnier than me etc.

I want to help change that.

Researchers say that the most vulnerable social media users are the people who spend the most time on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat posting pictures and commenting on others photos. These are the people who are seeking approval from others this could be about their looks, their body or even their interests. They want to be accepted.  In this day and age so many young and older people link their self-worth to their looks because they believe that prettier people get more out of this life than others. That is not true you create your own self-worth not through your looks but through who you are as a person. “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marlin Monroe once said this. She was deemed as one of the most beautiful women alive and she wasn’t a size 6 with a perfectly tanned body , she had flaws and she knew how to rock them. She didn’t shy away from her “imperfections.”

Instagram is saturated with the modern day perception of what we think perfect should look like, this perception constantly changes over time. Next time you go to compare yourself to someone on Instagram try and remember that 99.9% of what you are comparing yourself to may be fake, what they do not put in the description box is that there is a long process that occurs after a photo has been taken before these people feel they can put it on their social medias. Thanks to Photoshop you can edit a picture of someone to look like a completely different person with a couple of taps on your keyboard. Editors use Photoshop to edit face blemishes , to make skin appear fresher to change the shape of the nose , ears , hair lines to add or take away freckles. What I have come to realise is that everyone would love a magic wand (or a real life version of Photoshop) to make a part of their body they are not confident about into their best asset.

Although Instagram and other social Medias are incredible platforms that hundreds of people use in the best way to inspire others it can also be full of fake unachievable lives.

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