Review on Cloud 23

“Cloud 23 isn’t just any bar – it’s a unique venue located at the highest point in Manchester serving the finest champagnes, cocktails and afternoon tea.”Cloud 23 Review

01/04/2017 marks not only my birthday (April fools baby right here) but also the day I first went to cloud 23. When deciding on where to go for my birthday this place popped into my head straight away, funnily enough I haven’t ever mentioned the place to my boyfriend and he was thinking the same place too. You only get one birthday a year so I wanted to go somewhere really nice, I also had to remember I would still be in crutches so I had to factor that into my plans also.

Pictures of this place are forever floating around my Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds so I thought I would give a short review for anyone who is contemplating going here.

We arrived at the Hilton hotel at about 6:10pm and had a reservation for 6:15pm so we were not waiting very long before we went up. We had thankfully booked in advance , I would recommend you to also do this. When we arrived the queue was quiet large for those who had not booked a table beforehand.

The Hilton itself oozes elegance and everything someone would want for a weekend away, but we didn’t know what to expect upstairs. Walking in felt almost magical the male waiters wore black suspenders over white shirts and they wore the cutest bow ties, while female waiters wore simple black dresses. The entire atmosphere was happy, everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. It had a warm yet elegant feel. The music kind of fades in the background nothing to special but nice to drink to.

I did say I wanted to keep this short so I’m going to give you guys a list of all the points I made on the night and why I thought these;

The view – I honestly got dizzy before I had even sat down the view is beautiful you lookout on all of Manchester. It was still light when we arrived and as the night went on and the sun faded away the view became even more breath-taking than before.

cloud 23
(Not the best picture but you


Service – we were shown our seats but the man who seated us didn’t tell us if we ordered from our seats or at the bar (you order at your seats) so we were a bit confused for about 10 minutes (the view most certainly made up for this) apart from that I feel we got exceptional service from all of the staff on the night!

Drinks – The drinks! When we arrived the first drink I had was a cocktail –I’m not entirely sure on the full name but it had porn star in it , I also didn’t get a picture of It. this might have been because I was amazed at how little there was in it and how expensive it was. It cost about £14 and you could probably just about fill a glass with the amount that was in it , with this I think you were really paying for the display it was in  3 connected  boxes and when you opened the lid there was lots of dry ice mist floating from the middle box and cascading over the two  other containers. I will admit it looked pretty cool but it would have been even cooler at a cheaper price. I also felt like there wasn’t a huge selection of cocktails.

Food – They were super accommodating – I ordered this vegetarian noodle dish and they told me after about 20 minutes that they actually didn’t have those ingredients in stock.  they made a feta salad free of charge. We also ordered the macaroon and chocolate selection – I had no idea that that meant everything is chocolate or at least drizzled in chocolate. I haven’t eaten chocolate since I was roughly about 12 years old (that’s a story for another blog post) so I asked if they had any macaroons that didn’t have any chocolate on it she then got me one macaroon it was lemon (which I hate but she wasn’t to know) but drizzled on top of this macaroon was chocolate. I was kind of tired by this point so I didn’t bother to say anything and let my boyfriend enjoy all the macaroons. They did look picture perfect though I will admit.

Overall I really did enjoy my time at cloud 23 I think it’s a fabulous experience for anyone to enjoy!

I hope you liked this post, it’s my first review on a restaurant/bar so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Btw if anyone knows anywhere that sells A* macaroons in Manchester let me know I’ll be all up in that x

cloiud received_10212478419861312

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 Cloud 23 is located on the 23rd floor of Manchester’s Hilton hotel.


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