Tips on how to get your first job

Getting your first job can be really daunting because everywhere seems to need some form of previous experience. If your 16 years old fresh out of school you’re not likely to have any previous work related experience. I didn’t get a job until I was halfway through my first year of college so I was only 17.  Today I’m going to share with you guys some tips on finding some work related experience that you can speak about in interviews and add to your CV. If this sounds like something you would be interested in hearing about keep reading!

The first job I applied for was Zara, this was before all of my work experience and volunteer work. I hadn’t done much research on the company in general and as you can guess I didn’t get the job I had zero experience and because of this found it hard to answer some of the questions. I didn’t apply for any more jobs after this for about a year. I decided I wanted to build up my CV first.

I’ve always been a super shy kid, I found it hard speaking to people I wasn’t either related to or close friends with it. It made me really nervous and anxious but I wanted to change and also gain experience that I could add to my cv. I thought that by doing lots of different volunteer work It would help to develop my communication skills as that’s really what work experience is about its about learning new skills you can take forward with you and exposing yourself to new experiences.

My dream job was to be a nurse and because I was in college studying to get into university for this I not only wanted to do work experience which would get me a job and add to my cv but also that would help me to get into university and as a nurse. I registered on websites such as vinspired , do and also a website called student midwife – I used this website to give me ideas of different places I could do work experience which would look good on my application. I know everyone isn’t going to be applying to a healthcare related job but do and vinspired are not just for healthcare related volunteer work they have hundreds of different types of volunteer work which could help you in your chosen career. You have to remember that opportunities don’t come to you, you must find them.

So if you are in a situation just as I was at 16/17 I’m going to give you some ideas as to where you can do some work experience/volunteer work which can build your confidence in a work place environment and also help your communication skills etc. I volunteered with places such as my local sure start – a sure start centre or a nursery are really good ideas for work experience because once you do work experience with them for a while once a position opens up within the nursery/sure start centre they are more likely to recommend it to you – this actually happens with a lot of work experience it’s how I got my first job which I’ll explain in a bit! –e.g. childline get job with nspcc it happens everywhere.

I also volunteered at Salford royals hospital on their dialysis unit which made me want to be a nurse even more than I already did, it was mostly older people here but it really helped my communication skills and confidence (I did mention I hated speaking to anyone I didn’t know this includes old people) it also made me value life just that bit more because I’m fit and healthy what more could I want? While doing this I did a work placement with Salford royal also at their female surgical ward. This was the most interesting experience of my life I learned so much in such a short space of time.

I wanted experience with all walks of life because I thought that would look best on my cv as I could relate it to any type of job whether it be with adults or younger children- so I emailed baby sensory Westmanchester about doing some work experience and the lady who ran it was more than happy to have me help out , I did this for about 5 months every 2 weeks or so depending on college and when it  neared the end of the school year the lady who ran it offered me my first job as her assistant two days a week!

Another idea is to volunteer with your local boy scouts or girl guiding – I volunteered with brownies at first because I really wanted to gain as much experience as possible. You could also volunteer at a care home. Companies love it when they hear a potential employee has previously volunteered it shows drive, compassion and someone who really wants to make a difference and for most companies that is exactly the type of employee they want.

I also volunteered with childline for approx. 6 to 8 months I learned so much it really opened my eyes to everything that happens around us and how without us even realising our children are more affected by everything that happens than we know, it was a privilege. Also when I had my interviews at different universities once I mentioned childline they were so impressed. You can really bring what you learn from childline to any job such as one of the main focuses at childline is safeguarding and at any establishment your responsibility as an employee is to safeguard your customers. If childline doesn’t seem for you there are other organisations out there that you can try and apply to volunteer with, don’t try and take the easy option usually the harder the work you put in the more you get out of everything.

To finish off this blog post I’m just going to give you guys a little list of some types of jobs that are more available to people who do not have as much experience as others these include; jobs within restaurants, hotels and cafes. Restaurants such as Nandos take on a lot of people with no previous work experience as long as you show you are keen and want to work and learn and develop your skills it will make finding a job easier for you.

I’m also going to include a list for you guys of places I have worked in the past and if anyone has any questions about these places and how the interview process went please feel free to drop a comment or send me an email I would love to hear from you all.

 I worked for baby sensory as an assistant over the summer, I then got a job as a party host at the soccerdome Trafford before moving on to another role as a receptionist/bartender, I worked here for about a year and a half before quitting although I loved it and met so many incredible people I wanted something that could offer me more. While I was working here I also worked at Tesco – Tesco was hard the hours were awful but the pay was amazing for my age starting at 7.66 and then receiving time and a half on a Sunday. I loved the money but left after nearly two years because although I learnt so much there I didn’t want to be in a job I didn’t really enjoy anymore. I then applied to other companies and got offered a job with Pandora but declined when I received an offer to work for Victoria secret this was an absolute dream for me so I couldn’t turn it down even though I adored Pandora. I just felt the entire environment suited me more at Victoria than it did at Pandora.

If anyone would like any advice on finding some work experience etc. related more to them or advice about applying to a job. Please feel free to email me or drop me a comment I would be more than happy to help 🙂

Ciao belle x


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