Review on Banish Acne products

Within this blog post I am going to be writing about my personal experience with banish. This is my own opinion, I bought all of the products myself and this blog post is in no way affiliated with banish.

First off I’m going to give you all a little brief on my skin. I’ve had acne since I was about 14, I was the only one within my family to experience acne like this. I tried everything every potion and lotion out there but nothing really worked for me until I discovered Duac gel. This was prescribed to me by my doctor it really changed my life. It  helped to get rid of my acne at first but didn’t help with the overall appearance of my skin. By this stage I had already several scars on my chin, left and right cheek. My skins appearance although with less blemishes it just looked dull and to me my pores appeared huge, which really hindered my confidence.

This website is about inspiring other people to share their experiences and that people should embrace their inner beauty as well as love themselves. Banish inspire people not only through their blog but their other social medias such as Instagram. Their website does include dozens of reviews with before and after’s and customer’s experiences. There are also lots of review on YouTube for their products.

Before I purchased this product I made sure to not only read all of the reviews on the website, but also to check the reviews and before and after’s on YouTube just to be on the safe side. I must have watched at least a dozen if not more. After all of my thorough research I finally decide to try it for myself. I bought the banish acne kit which contained 4 items the banish oil which is a vitamin c serum, the banisher, a cleaning container and a storage bag) I also bought the charcoal clay masque. Although I do not have any before and after pictures I would like to still give my own personal review on banish acnes products.

I received my products about 2 weeks after I had purchased them and luckily did not receive any custom charges. Everything I had ordered came in the same secure packaging. I was super excited to try it so tested it out the same day. Banish recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the banisher after use, I also used it before use just to be on the safe side. You are supposed to use the banisher in a rolling motion back and forth over your acne scars avoiding any current blemishes. You are then to use the oil all over your face, it does say on the website that some stinging and redness can occur but they don’t tell you how much so. the first time I used it I thought I may have got a reaction from it, my face felt and looked like it was on fire but because I had read that this can occur I didn’t wash anything off and went to sleep. The next morning although I had not noticed a difference in my scars as I had only used it once I had most certainly noticed a difference in the texture of my skin it felt so much smoother and the redness that I usually have in my face was not as prominent as it usually is. After using the banish kit for several months I did notice a slight difference in my skin but it was not a dramatic change. I believe this might have been down to me as I did not use it as regular as I should have. on the banish website it tells you to use the baniser once every 2 weeks to help renew skin, whereas I used it only once a month this was due to a busy schedule! Overall I would give it a 6 out of 10. Banish claims that in most cases you can see results between 4 to 8 weeks of use and although I do not believe my scars were dramatically reduced as the product is intended to do. I did notice an incredible difference in the texture and appearance of my skin.

I tried the Charcoal facemask a week or so after it had arrived it comes in a small bottle. It comes within a small glass bottle but the product that comes inside lasts incredibly long! With mine I boiled water and used that to mix  as it is a powder formula and then applied to my face using a facemask brush, once the facemask starts to dry in it sinks into your pores. The face mask comes off quiet easy – I used a damp cloth and then some damp cotton pads to take off any excess. If anyone knows me they know I have a major love of face masks – I have probably tried just about every type out there and this charcoal facemask is by far my current favorite. Your face feels so refreshed afterwards and thoroughly cleansed. This mask reduced the look of my pores, which really helped my confidence when not wearing makeup as I feel I have rather large pores. I was a bit nervous about buying this facemask and the banish acne kit because it can seem a bit on the expensive side if you are ordering to the UK with shipping fees and custom charges etc. but it was completely worth it I know I’m only talking about a facemask but it made me feel so confident in my own skin.

I would rate this face mask 10/10 for certain! On the website It tells you that this mask removes Impurities to deep clean skin and pores, Reduce the look of large pores, Absorb excess oils, Reduce blemishes, Soften skin In exchange, and for me this face mask did all of the above. I’m not going to tell anyone else that this facemask might be the cure they are looking for because everyone’s skin is different and I know what works for me may not work for someone else.

Anyway that’s all for today’s review! If anyone found this post helpful in anyway please drop a comment and let me know if you would like to see more!



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