My review on girl code and what I took from it.


So I’ve just finished reading this book and since it is fresh in my mind now I thought I would give you guys a short review on it.

girl code.jpg

Some of you may be familiar with this book or the author if not I’ll give you guys some background knowledge. The authors name is Cara Alwill Leyba and she is a female entrepreneur. She is not only an author but also a life coach and founder of the champagne diet (this is her blog).

I purchased this book in the hope of learning about other female entrepreneurs and how they started out. I wanted to know how they went about creating their businesses and where they got their inspiration from. This year I’ve done a lot of thinking about my future and I really want to do as much as I can within the short space of time we get here, I want to go all out within this life.

So this book is about motivating and inspiring women of all ages to not be afraid of not being good enough and to embrace themselves because we are all incredible we just need to find it in ourselves. I’m not going to ruin the entire book for you guys so I won’t go into major detail on anything. This book has quite a few interviews within it, I believe she has done this to inspire everyone who reads her book by introducing us to the women she admires. There are so many different avenues you can take with entrepreneurship.  I’ve read the entire book and the interviews although they can be seen as inspiring some of them were kind of not so inspiring. I wanted a book about women who started from nothing and built themselves up and now I’m not saying everyone within this book didn’t do that because I believe they all worked incredible hard. I just didn’t really want to read about women who were already incredibly rich or slightly successful in there career and could start their brand without really hesitating. For me it made some of it sound out of reach in a way? Like when you’re stalking your fav Instagram celeb and wondering how did they get to where they are and you usually feel like you could never reach their level, if that makes any sense? Well some of the interviews made me feel like that. I’m not saying all of these woman were millionaires but it just kind of came off like that to me but then again she obviously couldn’t go into major depth within these interviews so maybe one or two of these ladies did start off with nothing and made something incredible. (Just so you guys know there are some ladies within this book who had rocky paths I’m not saying they all just walked the yellow brick road and found their way some of them did have some pot holes to get over)

This book is obviously about women supporting each other and wanting each other to be successful. In this day and age social media has taken the world over. If you’re like me you may not be entirely happy with your body and clicking onto Instagram and seeing all of these beautifully tanned and toned women can be a complete bummer and make you feel super self-conscious. What I realised is yes these ladies may work out but also there’s a 99 percent chance they edit their photos to look like that, everyone has flaws. Although their photos are totally edited, try and remember that they may have still spent a good hour trying to get the perfect selfie so instead of hating yourself because they look like that instead comment on their photo, tell them they look amazing and you will feel good for it. This book is about opening your eyes and not holding any hate in because you can be your own worst enemy.

Although I loved this book like anything it has its weaknesses and strengths and to me throughout the book even though I personally loved it it does become repetitive. Maybe she was going for that so that it would really sink in for some people but I personally don’t think it needed to be as long. Another thing I felt was repetitive was the interviews she asked basically all of the same questions and sometimes she got basically the same answer. They all speak about finding a confidence within yourself and always remembering it. Maybe that is the secret to being successful? Believing in yourself because as Gandhi once said you must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Now a positive for me was this book was actually what made me think to start a blog in the first place, Cara really tries to get your brain working within this book, at the end of each chapter she left a little space for you to right your biggest take away from that current chapter – some people like to scan through books but because of this you really do stop and really start to think about what she has talked about within that current chapter. Cara also adds a space within this chapter with a question in regards to something she has spoken about to really get you thinking. The question that really got me thinking was “Rather than looking around at what everyone else is creating, think about what you wish already existed. What story needs to be told? What product needs to be created? Our inner magic shines when we stop trying to replicate other successful ventures and innovate from our own desires” so I created belle’s diary. I feel like I have so much to say and writing these blog posts has honestly got me more excited than anything I have ever done. This includes makeup.

Another little weakness that may annoy some of you lovers of grammar out there, is there are quite a few spelling mistakes within this book although it didn’t really bother me because it was a good read but there was definitely more than one mistake.

Overall if you’re deciding whether or not to get this book. I would say get it! Whether you believe you need a confidence boost or not I think this is an excellent read and it’s really motivating and inspiring. So I’ll leave you guys with one of my favourite quotes from this book “we all have the same hours in a day it’s how you choose to spend them that counts” now go and embrace the girl code and do it with a fabulous strut.



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